With the life I lead as a lonely kitesurfer traveler of 23 years, I usually pass a lot of stories, at least, curious. I think many of them are worth sharing with the world so, here is the compilation of some of them. I hope you like them.


What I just saw there is no photo that can describe it. It was something majestic, magical and unique. I would tell you what I have seen but, for this, I have to tell you first how I got to this moment.

April 20, 2017. Again at the airport.

Again I have managed to do “the trick” of putting all my kilos

Photo: Xede Santa

of being overweight on the plane without paying for it. More than 45kg’s in total. I slip automatically, and almost without realizing it, through the escalators and security control that will take me to my boarding gate. I sit with my computer while I make a few calls to the family to say goodbye. And again, I’m sitting on a plane again.

Airports, planes and suitcases have become routine for me but, today something made my day a little less “rutinoso” and that all this paraphernalia of traveling made a little more sense.

As usual, I get to my seat on the plane and sink into it waiting for us to take off as soon as possible. It depends on how I am in the mood, I greet the person who sits next to me or not. Today I was not very much for the work. Even so, I realized out of the corner of my eye that, next to me, sat an older lady, in her 60s who seemed quite happy, restless and laughing. The plane takes off.
After a while, the lady touches my shoulder wanting to get my attention. I raise my head and look at her, and she points to the window of the plane. Woah, how beautiful the snow-filled mountains!

And, no, this was not what I saw in the end. When the lady called me and I saw all that snow… I realized that… I hadn’t looked out the window of the plane in a while! Getting on that junk had become such a routine that, not even I wasted two seconds of my time looking at what was around me, I don’t even tell you to look out the window.

The lady reminded me of some words they said to me last week, which, in short, said: “Julia,why don’t you do many of the things you did before? Those that were as cool as…


I took a few minutes to think about how
my kite adventure
began, how I initially told my battles and adventures on Facebook, and how people freaked out about them (or I thought they freaked out). It took me another few minutes to realize that I stopped doing it a long time ago and that… Actually, it should do it again. So here I am, I’m back to tell you my stories and adventures!

Coincidence that, watching one of the movies of the plane, a phrase came out that said:
“You remind people of what they forgot.”

Well, I’ve set out to write just one A4 sheet in word for this blog and, I’m already going overboard! On the flight from Oslo to New York I decided to look around a little more, again. That’s when, halfway through the flight, looking out the window I saw one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my life (and I realized again and reminded myself of how lucky I am to lead the life I have). Through the window I “only” saw something like
the moon on earth,
a snowy and desolate landscape where there were only mountains, snow and huge chunks of ice floating in the water and drifting. So a bit like me.

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A hug,