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Why Organicup is amazing

Organi what?

Hello, my name is Julia Castro, I am a professional kiteboarder (or I try) of 23 years. I am the oldest of 5 siblings, I learned to kite in 2011 and I was born on an island in the middle of the Atlantic (called
and… Today I’m going to talk about menstrual cups.

Drink menstru what? Yes, I’m going to write as if menstruation were a completely normal topic (because it should be) and I’m going to tell you what makes it more bearable for me, especially when I’m in the water all day. Girls kiters, wakeboarders, athletes!, this is for you:

Menstrual cups are an alternative to tampons which, from my point of view, has a lot of advantages.

More or less (depends on the brand), they are something like this:


Reasons why you should stop using tampons now:


  1. Menstrual cups are much healthier. They are made of silicone instead of a bunch of chemicals.
  2. You save yourself a lot of money a year and in your life. A menstrual cup is worth 24€. Put that you buy two to have one in your bag and one in your backpack, you have spent € 48 on the period in the next 5-10 years.
  3. They last much longer. And if you forget it on, nothing happens!
  4. You save on space. As a person who travels most of the year, I appreciate having a menstrual cup instead of a box of tampons or a thousand tampax in my suitcase.
  5. Always available. Last year was my first time in the Philippines, I stayed three months and obviously I spent all the tampons I had brought so I went to the supermarket to buy more and.. Surprise. In the Philippines it is very difficult to find tampax if not impossible. Wing!, Don’t worry about not being able to find tampons while you’re traveling.
  6. The little body… Girls, you know that moment when you are on the beach and you have to ask your friend, do you see something?, or to be all the time attentive to the tampax cord does not escape while swimming? No more.
  7. You do the environment a favor. You won’t have to throw hundreds of tampons in the trash.
  8. Perfect for competitions or long trips. It won’t be the first time the rule comes to me while I’m in a competition… And, well, I have to spend a lot of hours in the water. When I used tampons I was super worried about having it on too long… With the glass I forget. Same when you do super long walks, etc.


And, Julia, how do you wash it when you don’t have running water next to the sink or a bottle of water?
I also worried at first but then realized that the solution was quite easy; you take it off, empty it as best you can and put it back on. The ideal is to have paper (you can clean it with paper) or rinse it with water.

Girls, give it a try, visit
and… Live your life with one less bondage! 🙂




A hug,