The new slick! More info here:

Foundation en Fuerteventura Lucky me! I made a casting for a TV Show I knew nothing about and it turned out to be a science fiction TV Show from Apple TV. I am an extra in the movie. It is called Foundation, based on the novels of the same name from Isaac Asimov, and the first 10 […]

Duotone Foilwing UNIT

The new UNIT from Duotone Foilwing is here! Check out the promotional video with all its info below:

Soleil 2021 La SOLEIL de Duotone Kiteboarding es una tabla diseñada para mujeres super bonita y divertida. Te sirve tanto si eres principiante como si eres una rider más experimentada. Y bueno, este es el vídeo promocional de 2021 en el que salgo yo. Wohooooooooo!

Women’s Kite Camp

It’s been a long time since I wanted to offer active women an awesome and personalized adventure. Finally, here it is! Thanks to Endorfina Club now you can make the week -or days- of your dreams happen:   Kitesurf / Surf Yoga SUP Adventure Biking Healty food Awesome accomodation Don’t miss a second and write them directyle […]

Find me on Duotone promo videos!

For the 2021 gear presentation and catalog, Duotone Kiteboarding chose Fuerteventura. We had a great time exploring and searching for the best spots around the islands, which we easily found. Check out the results here:

Duotone DICE 2021 The new Duotone Kiteboarding Dice 2021 is here!  And I’ve been lucky enough to be on the product clip that was partially filmed in Fuerteventura. So, what’s new for this year’s Dice?💥 ⚡ The new DICE jumps higher and does better kiteloops! ⚡ It’s more precise. Very important aspect when doing big jumps and loops. ⚡ […]

Mejores spots de Kite de Fuerteventura: La Pared

Wanna know everything about spots to kitesurf in Fuerteventura? In the next videos, I will show you everything about each spot so you can visit them safely and enjoy them to the max.   In this first chapter, we will visit the beach called “Viejo Rey” in the small village of La Pared, in the Municipality […]

Best lookouts of Fuerteventura

Descripción del vídeo en español | Video explanation is available in English below | Die Videoerklärung ist unten auf Deutsch verfügbar ↓ Fuerteventura, isla Canaria en medio del Atlántico que debería estar en tu lista de sitios a los que viajar. En este vídeo te enseñamos los cinco mejores miradores del sur de Fuerteventura, en […]


In Spain quarantine is quite serious, we can only go outside the house for grocery shoping, pharmacy and walking the dog. Going out for a short run is also not an option so I decided to do homeworkouts! From Monday to Friday at 11am Canary Islands time (mainlaind Spain 12:00) we can train together through […]

Island of Sal- Cabo Verde

Not translated to English This blog post is just written in Spanish. If you would like me to do a translation of it, please write a comment at the end of the blog 🙂 × Descartar alerta (Visité Sal entre el 10 de Febrero y el 18 de Marzo de 2020) Si practicas kite, probablemente […]

Binter magazine

If you travelled last January with Binter, the local airline, you might have seen me in it! I talked about my 3 favourite places in Fuerteventura and you can read it  here (just in Spanish).

4x Spanish Champion

  El Campeonato de España de Wakeboard se celebró en Marbella Wakeboard center el 9 de Noviembre (se celebró solo en un día debido a la posibilidad de mal tiempo al día siguiente). El nacional suele ser mi última competición de la temporada y siempre me pilla un poco cansada físicamente pero, sobre todo mentalmente. […]

1st SPIN CUP 2019

11-12 de October  2019 After 2 years I decided to come back to Belgium to compete at The Spin Cup. I thought I needed to get back to competition mode to train for nationals so, coming back to the Spin always felts like a good idea.  Coming to Belgium was only possible with the support of […]

Mauritius 2019

MY FIRST TIME IN MAURITIUS (Visited Mauritius from 6 to 15th October 2019) If you are a kiter, Mauritius is probably on your Top 5 of “places to visit” and, you are not in the wrong path. Personally, I’ve been wanting to go since I got to know about the awesome kiteboarding conditions (you know, the waves) […]

ION 2020

¡La nueva colección de ION 2020 ya está aquí! Aquí os dejo unas fotos de mis trajes favoritos pero hay muchos más así que, haz click aquí para ver la colección completa. Este año en especial me encanta cómo han añadido un refuerzo en la zona donde va el arnés (3ra foto empezando por la izquierda) […]

Duotone DICE 2020

The new Duotone Dice is here! And this year there’s a lot of new features that will make it your dream kite (or at least mine). I’ve decided to put all the DICE links together for you so you can find all in 1 click. Also, I wanted to explain to you WHY I choose […]

Women Kiteboarding

Haz click aquí para leer una de las mejores entrevistas que he hecho en mucho tiempo (solo en inglés).

Stance Webstory

Hola! En Abril de 2019 (por si alguien lee este post dentro de 5 años, que le sea fácil saber de cuándo es), y de la mano de STANCE MAGAZINE me fuí a Turquía con Nicolas Gilomen, Aurelie Godet y Loic Deschaux con la intención de enseñarles a estos dos peques (y pros del wake) […]


Hola! This past winter I got to spend a bit of time again in Brazil after two years without being able to go. I got the opportunity to join some of my Duotone Kiteboarding team mates:  Francesca Bagnoli, Mikaili Sol, Valentin Rguez, Xander Raith, Noe Font, Craig Cunningham, Hannah Whiteley, GM Coccoluto, Artem Garashchenko, Paula Novotna y […]

My favourite #phonecases3D

Hola! Today I am bringing you a small blog showing you some of my favorite Phonecases3d and where to buy them. As you know, they have been my sponsor since last year and I am super honored to be their ambassador around the world. Y also wanted to let you know some of their qualities or, […]

New video: TNA Cablepark

Click here:


 For International Women’s Day, we’re (Organicup) celebrating the stories of some of the remarkable women we are lucky to call our collaborators. These are stories of daring to do things differently. As a professional kiteboarder, Julia from Fuerteventura, Spain, focuses on trying to find balance in her personal life, job and health in a physically […]

Premio #mujeresquecuentan

*Sorry, this post is only in Spanish. El pasado 7 de Marzo en el Auditorio de Antigua llevó a cabo el acto institucional del día de la mujer con la IV Edición de Mujeres Que Cuentan. El Cabildo de Fuerteventura y los seis ayuntamientos de la Isla entregaron este jueves los Premios ‘Isla de Fuerteventura: Mujeres que […]

7th of the World

This past month of February I went to Buenos Aires, Argentina to compete in the 10th IWWF Cable Wakeboard World Championship. Worlds are celebrated every two years and, two years ago I could not go due to economic reasons so, this was going to be my first ever worlds. I had already been to Argentina before […]

Vice KPL Champion

Holaaaaaaaaaa,   Just came back from competing at the last stop from the  Kite Park League, the “World Tour” of kiteboarding on sliders. This year we had 3 stops: – Triple S Invitational (where I got the 2nd place) – Patagonia Hood Jam (where I got another 2nd place) The last stop took place in the Brasilian location of Icapuí, […]

3x Spanish Wakeboarding Champion

Empecé a hacer wake tarde, ¡tenía 20 tacos! Y, de verdad verdadera, que no me imaginaba para nada poder tener el honor de decir que me acabo de proclamar 3x Campeona de España de Wakeboard.  Lo adelantaba (y también mi madre en Facebook) cuando no habían pasado ni 2 horas del suceso, del logro, del éxito, de […]

7th at the Wakeboarding Euros

**This post is not translated into English. Sorry 🙂 Este pasado Agosto tuve la suerte y el honor de volver a representar a España en una competición internacional de cable. Este es mi tercer Europeo y la quinta vez con la roja (Tel Aviv, Shanghai, El Gouna, Jordania, Milán). Es una de las cosas de […]

2nd Patagonia Hood Jam 2018

I managed to land on 2nd spot at the Patagonia Hood Jam 2018! This competition is the second stop of the Kite Park League, one of the kiteboarding world tours and it took place in Hood River, Oregón, USA. They were 33 of the best kiteboarding park riders in the world from different nationalities.  Appart of the 2nd […]

2nd place at the SSS 2018!

It’s been 2 days since the prize giving ceremony and it still feels very unreal. Since I started kiteboarding 7 years ago I always dreamed to compete with all the pro’s and, why not, get a podium here and there. Well, I managed to achieve one of the most prestigious podiums you can get in […]

IWWF World Cup Jordan 2018

Que conste que estoy escribiendo este blog desde el móvil porque mi portatil se ha roto pero, es que ¡tenia muchas ganas de contarles mi gran viaje a Jordania!  Recibí una invitación de la IWWF (International Waterski and Wakeboarding Federation) para representar a la Copa del Mundo de Wakeboard en Aqaba, Jordania. Dios, ¡Jordania!, ¡La […]

Phone Cases 3D

Wow! This season is going great so far, I am not injured, I am training well and, I can announce that a new addition to my team of “heroes that make me able to keep fighting”, also called “sponsors” has been made. It’s a company that simply rocks! And now you will know why: Phone […]


A fews ago I had the great opportunity to travel to the city of  Buenos Aires, Argentina thanks to IWWF (International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation). I went there to help out with the Wakeboarding Boat World Championships. The competition took place in between the 18th and the 24th of March and I feel super lucky to […]

Sliders Cable Park

2ND TIME AT SLIDERS CABLE PARK I arrived at this unique location for the first time last year, November 2017. I didn’t really bring back the best memories because it was quite cold and some other stuff… Sliders Cable Park contacted me to coach at a wakeboarding camp in the beginning of March. I was […]

PKA Boracay 2018

**All photos by Loic Michel Winter came and it was about time to decide for a warmer place to keep training. In Spanish language we have a saying:  “A known evil is better than an unknown good”. So, well, I decided to go again, for the 3rd year in a row, to The Philippines. This year I wouldn’t be able […]

Just joined ION International team!

I am really proud and happy to announce that I just joined de ION International Team! I started with ION Spain back in 2013. It all started with my second ever kiteboarding trip. It was in Tarifa and I knew I had to take action If I wanted to keep kiting and maybe becoming a […]

Another year with Organicup!

Hi! I am super happy to announce that… I signed another year with Organicup! I gotta admit 2 things: 1) I was a user of menstrual cups before becoming ambassador for Organicup. 2) Before I started this adventure of promoting menstrual cups, I was a bit afraid of how the reaction of the people was […]

Indie Campers!

We all have that typical list of “things to do before dying”. Well, for me one of the things on that list is “having a van”. Why? Because I love the concept of being able to be free to be anywhere at any time. There’s wind at yupi land? Let’s go! I feel like sleeping […]


Hi. In this post I am going to tell you a little bit about the 19th IWWF European and African Wakeboarding Championship that took place in the amazing location of El Gouna, in Egypt. This was my 3rd time representing Spain in my life (first it was in Tel Aviv and then in China) and, it […]

My thule bags

You guys know, I travel a lot. This 2017 I have been in (you can click on each place to see a photo that ilustrates it): Denmark, Cape Town, Philippines, France, USA, Fuerteventura,  Morocco, London, China and, I am in Egypt  for the first time! (If I had to name every city I was in this post would be way longer hehe). I started my journey with […]

2x Spanish Wakeboarding Champion!

¡Holaaaaaa!   Today, on 117th of November of 2017 and while I write this post from Sliders Cable Park in El Gouna, Egypt, I can proudly say that I just managed to be… ¡¡2x Spanish Wakeboarding Champion!! The competition took place in Cable Ski Marbella, in San Pedro in between the 11 and the 12 […]

5th in the wakeboarding World Cup!

Helllloooo   This is going to be a really short post. I just wanted to let you know that between the  29 of September and the 6th of October I went to the Wakeboarding World Cup in Shanghai. I was invited by the IWWF to represent Spain and… I got 5th place! I am super stoked […]

Dakhla Downwind 2017

I had just arrived home (Fuerteventura), I had 2 very busy weeks of interviews on radio and tv, filming a video for BBC Travel, etc. And all of this after 7 months of traveling non stop! I finally thought to myself while I was packing my gear to go training “boah, finally some time for myself […]

Why you should use Organicup. Now

Organi what? Hi, my name is Julia Castro, I’m 23 years old and I am a professional kitesurfer (or I try to be). I am the eldest of 5 siblings and I was worn in an island in the middle of the Atlantic called called  Fuerteventura. And, today I am going to tell you about […]

North Kiteboarding Blog I

Holaaaaaaa, Not sure if you did realize but… Some weeks ago I wrote a blog for North Kiteboarding about how to empower women. Some time ago, I realized that the best way of doing it for me was doing kite camps only for women. Social media helps but, real life action is so much more […]

Team CTI

Hey there! Writing this post from Cape Hatteras, USA to tell you that… ¡ I joined the CTI team ! ¿What is CTI? Is a company that makes orthopedic custom  (or not) knee braces (and others) that can prevent injuries or that you can use after surgery. It’s been some time I have been having some issues […]


The lonely travels of a 23 years old kitesurfing girl can imply a lot of stories, funny, sad, happy and crazy stories. We thought some of them where good enough to share with the world so, here you have some of them. We hope you like them. Photos cannot describe what I just saw and, […]


Hey guys and girls! I have some very good news!! Just wanted to let you know shortly that my shoulder is doing good and that I am training hard. As you might have seen in my social media, I’ve been given one of the 20 invitations to one of the biggest wakeboarding events of the […]

PKA Boracay 2017

Hi everyone Writing this post from Boracay, one of the more than 7.000 islands that you’ll be able to find in The Philippines. If you search in Google you’ll find paradise pictures but, sadly, the real picture is a bit far from this. But well, in another post I’ll tell you about this. In this […]

Kitesurf in Fuerteventura

Hello my dear reader! In this post I am going to show you my favourite places to get lost in Fuerteventura.  Specially when there’s no wind. For windy days you can check the article I wrote for IKSurfMag: So, as I got asked many times what to do here, what to see… I decided […]


That time of the year is coming!  Xmas is almost here and… You know that you can’t give the same present to a kiter than to a non-kiter. What to give as Christmas present to those wind chasers? It doesn’t matter if your kiter is kid, a man or a woman, in this list you’ll […]

On !

Hi! How’s November going? I am crazy busy at university… Exams are close and I have a bunch of homework and hands in to do! I’m also working my a** of in the gym to have an awesome season 2017. I just wated to let you know that together with The Kube Studio I’ve managed […]

Tel Aviv 2016

It won’t be the first time I’m highly surprised with a country… Gotta say that probably my experience in Tel Aviv (Israel) wouldn’t have been as good as if I didn’t had friends in the country. Oshra y Tzuf made of my first days a pleasure, I had pretty much everything set up from the beginning thanks to […]

Spanish Wakeboarding Champion!

¡¡¡Wow!!!! I have no idea about how to start to write this entry. I just don’t have any words. Some moments are better without words and for me this is one of them. I just keep the good vibes and feelings the memory brings me and finally the confirmation that hard work pays off! So […]

Finally! We made it!

After many hours thinking and designing together with Sima Multimedia, We made it! Here you have my first website! This site is an attempt to show you, in the most transparent and honest way, who I am, where I come from, what I can do, what I am doing and where I am going. You can […]


Hi everyone.   JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016. I know during this last weeks I’ve been a bit hidden but it all has an explanation! First of all, I moved from Palawan after the competition finished to CWC (super sick cable park in Camsur). The first day I arrived here I felt some pain in my back from […]

Triple S Invitational 2016

It’s been more than a week since I realized I wouldn’t be competing at the most important and prestigious competition of the year; The  Triple S (well, technically I did, but only in the open). Arriving to Cape Hatteras was something close to an odyssey but if everything was easy in life it wouldn’t be fun!, […]

Philippines Part II

That first picture is the true graphic description of pain. Is the money you have to pay in Philippino Pesos so stay your 3rd month in the country. It was Friday 18-03 and I decided to go for a solo trip around Manila City. This is the present you get after paying all that money, […]